Filmed Drunk Commissioner To Be Put In Rehab

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Lincolin Kagunyi

A drunken Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) being berated for bad behaviour in a video which has gone virile on social media is being defended by his superior who offered that he deserved to be helped since he was a recovering alcoholic.

Wilson Wanyanga, Kiambu County Commissioner (CC), while defending his assistant, said Lincoln Kagunyi, ACC, was a recovering alcoholic and exposing him in that manner could worsen his condition.

Wanyanga put up the defense of the assistant county commissioner filmed drunk despite being on duty when the incident occurred.

A video clip on social media showed Lincolin Kagunyi being harassed by the public in Limuru town, and asked to explain how he got drunk in the morning yet bars are closed to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Wanyanga said Kagunyi was a recovering alcoholic and exposing him in that manner could worsen his condition.

Said Wanyanga: “The ACC has a condition and he was brought closer home so that the family can assist in the recovery journey”.

Wanyanga added that plans were underway to help Kagunyi get rehabilitation as he had not been improving on his own after battling alcoholism for years.

Added he: “We believe putting him in rehab will help him get over his drinking problem. Residents should refrain from worsening his condition by sharing those videos”.

Resident Lawrence Kimani said it was not the first time Kagunyi was cornered drunk while on duty.

“Kagunyi is known in Limuru town. He has a drinking problem. Addicts should be helped and given a second chance”.

Limuru Deputy County Commissioner Charles Makele said officers from the DCIO were looking for those filmed harassing Kagunyi.

Said he: “This is a sick man, he has his own rights … residents ought to have reported the matter to the relevant authorities”.

Makele added that Kagunyi bought the alcohol from a supermarket and had been drunk the previous day. The effects of the alcohol could still be seen the following day.

Efforts to reach his family for comment proved abortive.

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