COVID-19: Landlord Amazes Tenants, Tells Them No Rent

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Some tenants were recently stunned and excited after a landlord asked them not to pay rent for two months as a result of the challenges brought by coronavirus.

The landlord, Michael Munene, said he understood the situation brought upon people by the pandemic which is also affecting economies of countries.

Munene left the tenants smiling after telling them he was well aware of what is going on and that as a human being, this was one way to touch those around him.

Munene, while speaking with a TV station in Kenya, said he was touched by the plight of his tenants who may experience challenges in raising their rents.

Said he: “I have stayed with these people for quite some time and I have always had an agreement with them to pay their rent before the tenth of every month but most of them have challenges.

“When this pandemic (coronavirus) came to Kenya, life became unbearable and some of them could not afford to raise the rent early enough resorting to borrowing, that’s why I have decided to not to charge them for the next two months”.

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