Fidelis Duker Pens Open Missive To AMVCA, Guests

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Fidelis Duker

Filmmaker and convener of Abuja International Film Festival (AIFF), Felix Duker has appealed to all those who were at the 7th edition of the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Award (AMVCA) held recently in Lagos and have noticed any of the COVID-19 symptoms to submit themselves appropriate faculties for clinical checks.

Duker who disclosed that he did not attend the event, made the plea in an open letter written to the invitees, nominees and organisers of the awards.

Full letter below:

Dear colleagues and guest of AMVCA,

I bring you good tidings even though the most difficult time in our nations history.

It has become imperative some of us speak out for the collective good of our country.

The responsible thing I expect from all those who attended the 7th AMVCA is to show the world a high level of social responsibility.

Though I wasn’t at the award I will still appeal to all those who attended and have observed any of the symptoms to call the NCDC HEADLINES and report your cases because it’s about 11 days after the award.

It is better you do this for yourselves, family, friends, colleagues and importantly the nation.

Even the venue has shut which evidently shows a responsible organisation.

One of the reasons for the spread and increase number of cases is the irresponsibility shown by some of the confirmed cases.

We can only reduce this spread by doing the right thing.

However for all those who attended and haven’t seen any symptoms. Please continue to observe the self isolation rules and avoid contacts.

It is obvious, corona virus is with us and we must individually and collectively fight it to a stand still.

Note also that the fact you attended the AMVCA does not mean you have the virus. However there are possibility you have had contact knowingly and unknowingly with any of the two cases mentioned by the Lagos state government.

To all of us, this is not the time for stigmatizatiom of anybody rather we must offer support and empathy to ourselves.

Importantly the fatality rate can be minimized in Nigeria if we collectively maintain responsible behavioural traits.

Inclusion as the Lagos state government continues its efforts at contact tracing. Please be responsible enough to offer the required cooperation.

Stay safe and God bless you

Fidelis Duker
23rd March 2020

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