Shocking! Family Finds 41-Year Corpse Fresh, Intact

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What appeared like a scene out of the Nollywood played out in Akure, Ondo State capital when residents trunged the hospital road axis of the town to witness a corpse, which had allegedly not decayed 41 years after it was buried.

The incident, which has been termed as a “mystery” occurred on Wednesday when the corpse of a man identified as Baba Boboye was exhumed at a two-storey building, at Alafia Tayo Roundabout, opposite Mega Primary School, Akure.

The corpse, it was gathered, was exhumed for relocation by its family on account of the ongoing road reconstruction within the State Specialist Hospital axis.

Sources disclosed that everyone became curious when the coffin appeared very neat as if it was recently buried before they were prompted to open it when it was discovered that the 41-year-old corpse was still very fresh and intact.

All the accessories, it was buried with, it was as well discovered, had not been tampered with including the clothing.

The corpse was later moved to Ajegunle, along Ijoka where it was reburied.

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