‘Araba Nla’ Has Brought Me To A Place Of Ease – Yemi Oluwadaisi

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Yemi Oluwadsisi

Yemi Oluwadaisi can be rightly described as a Minstrel. But she is more than that. She is a Voice Over Artiste once the presenter of ‘How E Be’ with Ododo on faaji 106.5fm and also a co-producer and researcher of the morning show ‘Oyela’ on the same station. Presently, Yemi is fully into music ministration and has just unleashed a brand new work e titled, ‘Araba Nla’. In this interview, she talks all about her career and the work.


How did you get into the music space?

My journey into music started as a young girl in a large Christian family and every child was in the choir and my home was my first stage. In primary school I was also the leader of the singing group and when I got to the secondary school, I also joined the school’s choir and the drama unit; I composed songs for the choir most especially during one of the school’s anniversaries. This continued even at NIJ where I was a songito at Ilya du Pen at any gyrations attended . I was professionally discovered by my Uncle, Otunba Kunle Olasope, (passed recently) who asked my father’s permission to work in Television service of Oyo State (TSOS) now Broadcasting Corporation of Our State (BCOS). Uncle Kunle handed me over to my mentor and worked directly with him and that was how I was launched into the industry. I sang alongside late Dipo Sodipo and a group of Ghanian Dancers in the theme music for the station; it was a big thing for me at the commissioning of TSOS I was the youngest and the lead vocalist. That was also how composing and writing of songs got birthed and it was music that took me to Drama. I acted in “Marriage of Anansewa” and “Fateful Eclipse” by Laolu Ogunniyi.

Have you any mentor?

My Mentor is Laolu Ogunniyi.

What kind of music appeals to you?

My kind of music were those my senior sibblings led me to appreciate actually; Love story songs of Everly Brothers, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Don Williams etc and that took me far at one of my Uncles’ promotion party as Admiral in the Navy I just walked to the Band and I joined them to render old tunes and that opened me up to performing at parties even as young as I was. I was good at old tunes. But all glory to God; I got born in 1981 and re-dedicated my life to Christ in 1997; from then my lyrics changed from what they used to be to Praises to God and God in His love specially gave what today is my strength of music which is Chants simply called (Oriki)

What challenges would you say you been confronted with in your career?

I was faced with lots of challenges. As a young reporter with FRCN I couldn’t give music the time needed. I worked in every beat of reportorial. At the same time I represented the State in Stimulation of Action that took the team to all the northern states . I was the secretary of the committee that organised Motor Race for the state. The time was not just there to fully go into music . When I at last got married my husband was a complete opposite of my love for music 😆(ko ti e gbo’lu rara ni) it was war and my carrier was a threat I had to choose between home and ministrations that at times could be an of out town event . It was tough I had no choice because the children needed me most but trust God He never left me without lyrics for every hurdle.

What are your expectation as you forge ahead as a gospel artiste?

I look forward to when organisations corporate bodies and even Churches will stand to assist Gospel artistes fulfil destinies to project their talents and gifts .. not just ‘thank you and God bless you’ G.A’s are already blessed by God and that’s why they sit at God’s feet always so that people will be blessed at ministrations, we need to bless their ministries financially as well. There are so many talents out there , they’ve given up hope because of funds; the harvest is ripe but few labourers 😁

Yemi Oluwadaisi

In all of this, are you fulfilled?

Am I fulfilled ? Well .. I am filled ..but not full yet..Oliver asked for more. I am yet to fulfil God’s purpose for my life. I keep reminding people around me that I am a working process working towards the fulfilment of God’s purpose and I will get there, especially when God is in that journey and with my wonderful son and daughter of Zion, David and Taiwo Oladoye and all of you great men of God I’m good.

Can we at this stage really meet you?

My name is Yemi Oluwadaisi a Minstrel, Voice Over Artiste. I was the presenter of How E Be with Ododo on faaji 106.5fm. I was also a co-producer and researcher of the morning show Oyela on the same station.

Tell us more about this latest work of yours, ‘Araba Nla‘?

Araba Nla is divinely given to me; one of those days that I look at the beautiful God and imagine His greatness I began to put down the words as they came; it’s a song that was written in the dead of the night at that time when it was just Baba God and daughter and He began to give me some of His names; I never heard to praise Him alone . Even in the studio I invited the Holy Spirit and He gave me another one I used it right there ‘Olutan’na iyanu’ . Honestly He gave me the light I requested

At what point would you say you are presently, career-wise?

There’s something that comes to my mind all the time when you get to that place where things come at ease for you; may be things you have been dying to get all your life and all of a sudden it appears. I call it moments of miracle.. When you fall, get up, dust off and keep moving; you will surely get to your place of ease ..nobody rejects success; you know its failure that I know is an orphan but Success ..hola !

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