Malta Guinness Set To Fuel Greatness With Maltavator Challenge

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L-R: Stanley Njoroge, Finance and Strategy Director, Guinness Nigeria Plc; Ifeoma Agu, Senior Brand Manager Malta Guinness; Maker Magunda, Managing Director, Guinness Nigeria; Adenike Adebola, Marketing Director, Guinness Nigeria; and Adediran Aderemi; Human Resources Director, Guinness Nigeria, at the premiere of Maltavator Challenge Tv Show Season 2 at Ikeja, Lagos

The second edition of Pan-African game TV show, dubbed Maltavator Challenge will fuel the greatness of Nigerians as well as Africans as a whole. The Brand Manager of Malta Guineas, Ifeoma Agu, made this known at the brand’s Maltavator Challenge, season two premier held recently in Lagos further revealed that youths from five different countries in Africa will compete for the grand prize of 20,000 US Dollars.

She said the Maltavator Challenge is a platform where Malta Guinness is showcasing itself in terms of how the brand is bringing to life its brand purpose which is to fuel the can-do spirit of Nigerians.

Said Agu: “Our brand exists to fuel the greatness of Nigerians and Africans as well. That’s why Maltavator Challenge is a Pan-African TV show. And when you think about the fact that the Maltavator challenge brings contestants from across five different countries in Africa. We have Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Cote-De-Voir and Ethiopia, all competing for the grand prize of 20,000 US Dollars”.

According to Agu, the Malta Guinness group went out to five cities in Nigeria namely; Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu and Benin to have auditions where young people came out in their numbers to compete in the Maltavator Challenge.

Explained she: “In each of these five cities, we chose four finalists. At the end, we moved to Lagos for the grand finale where we had all 20 of them slug it out for the last six positions to represent Nigeria as a country.

“So, we have six finalists who we are very proud of; that have now gone on into the season two of the Maltavator Challenge against other contetants from the other four countries. So, we have Ghana, Cote-De-Voir, Ethiopia and Cameroon competing with Nigeria at the Multavator challenge season two”.

She revealed that through the platform, Malta Guinness is not only bringing Africans together, but also showing how the brand is using its goodness, vitality and energy in fuelling the greatness of Nigeria.

Said she: “Today, what we are showing you is the first episode of this eight-week-long series, and we are excited about it. this is the best time for Malta Guinness at this time because yet again, we are bringing Africans together, and also showing how Malta Guinness in its goodness, vitality and energy, is fueling the greatness of Nigeria”.

Speaking on the first episode, Agu said: “Last year, in terms of achievements, we had an Ethiopian win the Pan-African TV show, but this year, we are very confident, given the crop of Nigerians we are taking to the finals. We are very positive and optimistic about the fact that a Nigerian will bring it home this year; and that’s the spirit of true Naija”.

While reiterating her confidence and optimism in the Nigerian team. she said as much as the contestants are all Africans, the brand is wishing everyone of them the best.

Said Agu: “We know that our guys will come home with good prizes. The good thing is other than the grand prize of 20, 000 US Dollars, we also have consolation prizes for all participants. So, everyone actually goes home a winner”.

She revealed that the idea behind the contest is that the brand is looking for the multivator of multavators because every person who has come out as a regional finalist or as a Nigerian finalist is already a multavator.

Stated she: “A multavator is that person who faces his daily challenges with optimism, with energy, with determination, and is able to conquer, any day, anytime. So, they will be going through an assortment of games that are mostly what we call obstacle courses, obstacle games, of which most of them experienced it during the screening.

“The idea is we are testing their physical agility, as well as their mental agility, and we know that Malta Guinness which is packed full of energy giving vitamins is able to provide them the required energy, vitality and goodness to pull through in any competition that they go through”.

On the sustainability of the initiative, she said: “It’s a sustainable platform that we are looking to promote year on year. We have had season one, and here we are for season two, I will be very positive to say that it has come to stay.”

Speaking on the age range for the competition, she said: “if I look at the fact that even 65 year olds today are youths, it only makes sense to think that everyone is young at heart. So, it’s not necessarily for young people, but it’s about being young at heart and being forward thinking; that’s what it’s all about.”

On what experience the brand is bringing to bear on the nation, particularly on the youths in the season two of the Maltavator Challenge, Agu said: “When I think about it, in terms of how we are bringing different young people from different countries together, and creating the spirit of one Africa and one Nigeria, I think it’s phenomenal what Malta Guinness is doing being the most premium African malt drink currently; being the only one to pull people together and give them a competing spirit, such that our young people are targeted right, developing the spirit of determination, doggedness, and of course, the spirit of sportsmanship, which is what we need as future leaders of tomorrow. So, that is what Malta Guinness has at the heart of it, and we are proud to be behind such a wonderful platform.”

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