This Woman Hates Weddings, Doesn’t Even Know Why

Princess Shyngle

Seldom can a woman be found saying she does not fancy weddings because findings indicate that women are obsessed with wedding as against men.

To a woman, wedding (a lavish type for that matter) is the crowning moment in ones life. However, such is not for Gambian female thespian, Princess Shyngle, who does not like to go the ‘Cinderella’ way.

According to the curvy actress, she really hates weddings and does not know why.

Princess said she would rather her man spends a lot of money on the ring than a dime on wedding.

Posted she: “ihate weddings I don’t even know why 😂😂 I rather my man spend a lot of money on my ring than spend a dime on a wedding 😂😂😂 is it normal though 😂😂 cuz I heard every Girls dream is to have a Cinderella dream”.

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