2019 Polls: Harvock In Okota Lagos, APC Thugs Set Cast Ballots On Fire

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Numerous members of the electorate were on Saturday morning disenfranchised while the already cast ballots got destroyed and burnt by hoodlums allegedly working for the All Progressives Congress (APC). A journalist and human right activist, Earl Okezie who was a victim and eyewitness, shares his experience:

“Just returned home after surviving attacks from APC thugs who went from polling unit to polling unit with a huge concentration of Igbo voters in Ago Okota area disrupting voting proceedings and scattering polling units.

“They hit me to the ground as they tried to snatch my phone querying why I should video what was going on. When they couldn’t, one of them who I suppose knows me insisted I must delete the videos.

“Meanwhile, others kept hitting and cursing me. Many were disenfranchised and many injured as they ran for safety. From Nwachukwu drive, to Balogun, Jemtok, Sijuola Street to areas around Ago last bus stop, Ali Dada, etc all in Ago Palace Way/Okota area were held hostage by APC thugs because they had directives not to allow Igbos vote.

“Unfortunately, INEC officials and security agents stood by helpless. What could they have done anyway?

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