Being real, Authentic, Creative Keeps My Brand Alive

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– Koffi, New COSON Board Member


Koffi Tha Guru

Koffi (real name, Koffi Idowu-Nuel) is arguably one of Nigeria’s most entertaining comedians. Aside from comedy which he describes as his core province in showbiz, Koffi is also a singer and compeer extra-ordinare. Just a few days ago he was appointed as a board member of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON). In his first ever Interview since the appointment, Koffi tells, about it, his music and more.

Congrats on your appointment as a member of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON). How does it feel to be so appointed?

I am grateful. It is an opportunity to serve and lend a voice to a righteous course. Piracy and intellectual property theft have robbed so many of their rights to an honest living. We have a chance at COSON to balance the odds against artistes.


You are in the main, to replace the late Ras Kimono at whose funeral you played a significant role. Did it cross your mind you would be so appointed?

I never imagined such. It came as a surprise when I was told I might be nominated for a position on the board. I shrugged it off and went about my business. I didn’t even get a notification until people started sending me congratulatory messages, then I checked the COSON online platform and saw the press release.


Before this development, what was your relationship with COSON and its board?

Active member. I always made myself available for almost all COSON activities and public engagements. It was always thrilling to add value in my own little way. I wasn’t aware anyone took notice of my contributions and dedication. I voiced a couple of progressive opinions at some of these functions and I am sure this must have further inspired the need to have me on board.


You are seen as a singer, comedian, and actor, yet you are a graduate of Chemistry. How and where would you like to be located?

I am an entertainer. Africa’s most versatile. Comedy is my main forte. Music is my expressive passion. Chemistry no longer exists.


What in all the years you have been in the creative industry do you consider the greatest challenge in navigating the space in Nigeria?

None really. I have been careful with my brand enough to know how to maintain my fan base and win new ones over time. Year in year out new ideas come and new brands come alive but keeping it real and being authentic and creative in an innovative way have kept my brand alive. Besides, I don’t indulge in some of the negative and desperate vibes synonymous with the industry. We keep it clean.


Recently, you pushed out some new songs, what is the philosophy of the work and the title?

My 13th music album, “Colourborations”, came to bear because of the need to make quality music along with people I respect their art and craft. A lot of the songs were written with the artistes in mind. The track with Ras Kimono “Awu Dat (Kimono Style)”, was inspired by one of his earliest songs; the track with Shina Peters, “Gentleman”, was inspired by his calm nature as experienced over time. Several other collaborators are friends I have always wanted to do something colourful with hence the project title, “Colourborations”. It is a 34-song music contraption featuring others like Alibaba, Asa, Jimmy Jatt, 9ice, Sound Sultan, Bovi, Paul Play, Sunny Neji, Ruffcoin Nwaba, Nigga Raw, Lord of Ajasa, Emma Oh My God, Woli Arole, Chigul, Mc Abbey, Josh2funny, Ikpa Udo, Classic, African China, M.I etc


How do you cope with managing your public and your young family?

I keep family and business completely separated. I still don’t see myself as a celebrity or superstar as seen. I remain as my wife met me in our younger days. I see myself as a family man mostly who just goes to work and once done, heads back to his introvert position at home. I believe in family time more than hustling time.


Where does Koffi Tha Guru look forward to being within the creative world in the next five years?

Only God can answer that. I simply follow His script and keep working to put food on the table.


How would you describe your fan base?

Unknown to social media critics. Lol. Sometimes I am in shock when I go to some ends and notice how much they know of me and have been following my progress since year 2000. I am also in awe that I have old people above 60 and toddlers wanting to have me around. Most of these grassroots people and elites are not on social media and it gladdens me to see that there’s still a real world out there.

Thank you for your kind consideration and willingness to share my progress with the world. God will continue making a way for you as well. I celebrate you.

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