COSON, Family, Roll Out Sleek Red-Carpet Tribute Night To Honour Ras Kimono

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Late Ras Kimono

That the acclaimed rub-a-dub master, Ras Kimono, is dead and the body lying in the mogue since June 10, 2018, is no longer news. What is news presently is that a robust programme leading up to the burial is now in the open as the imposing COSON House in Ikeja, Lagos, will on Wednesday, August 22, 2018, witness a super classy event in honour of the late great reggae toaster.

The sleek red-carpet event, a tribute night like no other, will climax the week-long program of the funeral of the massively beloved music legend who will be laid to rest in his home town, Onicha Olona in Delta State, on Saturday, August 25, 2018.

Speaking on the upcoming event, COSON Head of Public Affairs, Mr. Chibueze Moses Okereke said “the event will be strictly by invitation. We know that people from all walks of life would wish to attend this big event especially as the sleek tribute night is being personally produced by the COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji, Nigeria’s undisputed master of special events.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate everyone so if you get the IV, please honour the event because it means that you belong to a select group. Members of the Kimono family have met several times with our Chairman over the tribute night and I have no doubt that it will be talk of the town”

Speaking also about the forthcoming Red Carpet Tribute Night in honour of the great Ras Kimono, the COSON General Manager, Mr. Chinedu Chukwuji, said, “Ras Kimono was not just a COSON member, he was a 100% committed COSON member, totally dedicated to the COSON cause.

“As a hyper creative person, he fought against anything that will destroy COSON as he saw the organization as a watershed development in our country and an important legacy for the Nigerian creative industry. No one should forget that until he passed on, Ras Kimono was a key member of the COSON Board and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji through every challenge. Chief Okoroji was one of the last persons Kimono spoke to on his sick bed, before he passed on.

“The COSON Board he left behind has held a special meeting in his honour and has instructed that the magnificent COSON House that Kimono contributed to building must host a memorable event in his honour to celebrate this one of a kind Nigerian artiste as he sets out on his last journey out of Lagos. All hands are on deck at COSON, the organization he loved with all his heart, to ensure that Kimono is buried like the king that he was”

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