Efe Omoregbe Fails In Attempt To Hijack COSON


Efe Omoregbe

In spite of a legal suit recently filed by Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) asking Efe Omorogbe, a former member of the COSON Board to stop parading himself as an officer or Chairman of COSON, Efe Omorogbe on Tuesday March 6, 2017 stormed COSON House in Ikeja with some of his cohorts, bouncers and gang apparently in a desperate attempt to take over control of COSON House. In stout defence of the society, the staff locked him out of the building and neither Omorogbe nor his bouncers could gain entry.

In the days before, Omorogbe had sent e-mails to the General Manager of COSON, Mr Chinedu Chukwuji asking him to call board meetings that Mr Omorogbe would chair. In his reply, Mr. Chukwuji wrote to him that the Management of COSON could not accede to his request as they do not recognize him as Chairman of COSON.

The full text of Mr. Chukwuji’s mail to Efe Omorogbe is hereby reproduced as follows

“Your email titled “Repeated Acts of Insubordination” is hereby acknowledged.

“You will recall that after December 7, 2017 when Chief Tony Okoroji was said to have been removed as chairman and replaced by you, the entire Management of COSON gave you our total and unalloyed support. On December 19, 2017 when the general assembly at the Extra Ordinary General Meeting, annulled the decision of the Board in exercise of its powers, the Management had no choice but to revert to Chief Tony Okoroji as Chairman.

“We were both present at the EGM. The collective will of the members of COSON was very clear on that day irrespective of any presumed technicality anyone might introduce.

“As much as possible, the COSON Management has been very careful in the running of the organization in the midst of the recent developments in a very professional manner. As professionals, we cannot pick sides in the matter. Our function, is simply to follow the rules as we understand them.

“To ask us to obey you and disobey the hundreds of COSON members from the whole country who attended the EGM will be very unfair. Nobody needs to be told that obeying such directive will only lead to chaos.

“We are law-abiding citizens and you very well know that the matter regarding you as chairman is currently in court under judicial consideration and therefore prohibited from public discussions (sub judice). The position of COSON Management is fairness and equity. Anyone dissatisfied with the decision of the members of COSON on December 19, 2017 should go to the court of law and resolve the issues there.

“In the interest of the organisation, it may be difficult to accede to your request to call a board meeting at your instance after the consensus reached by COSON members at the Extra Ordinary General Meeting of December 19, 2017.

“We are constrained to take this position because in the organs of the society, the General Assembly (People) is supreme”.

Neither Chief Tony Okoroji, the Chairman of COSON nor Mr. Chukwuji, the General Manager were in COSON House when Efe Omorogbe arrived with his gang.

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