Blackface Fmr. Plantashun Boyz Member Sulks, Blames Selfishness For Split



Ex-Plantashun Boys member, Blackace, is still nursing grudges over his perceived bad fate with the music group years back. The defunct music group that was prominent in the 90’s and 2000’s, is back with more accusations.
Blackface is not letting go of the Plantashun Boyz split and the events that led up to it.
Ruminating on the events, Blackface stated that selfishness and lack of love were the main reasons the group fell apart.
Said he: “Artistes are like footballers. If there is no love in a team, they cannot play together. Once you are in a group, you must consider the interest of everyone in it. But at some point, one of us was only interested in what he wanted for himself. He was responsible for the end of Plantashun Boiz because he was selfish.”
Blackface also stated that it would be almost impossible for the group to reunite.
He further stated: “I don’t see us doing things together anymore and I have no regrets as life is a learning process. If you hear that we are coming back, it is just propaganda,” he said.
“As a solo artiste, you make decisions for yourself. You do what suits you and you don’t have to worry about other group members. Though doing music with a group of people is okay, being a solo artiste is better. That way, you can control your music.”

When the going was good: Blackface and 2-Face Idibia

It’s obviously no water under the bridge for Blackface.
In 2017, Blackface surfaced out of the woodwork to hurl accusations at 2-Face Idibia, blaming him for the split of the prominent 90’s group to which they both belonged.
The issue quickly spiraled out of control with threats of lawsuits.
Faze, who was the third member of the now-defunct music group, even made attempts to smoothen the waters, but there would be no letting go Blackface’s issues.
2-Face on his part neither responded to the accusations nor made any attempts to acknowledge the accusations.
One of the major things Blackface has continually referred to has been the theft of the hit single, ‘African Queen’ from him.
It is hardly the first time he has accused a colleague of stealing his intellectual property, yet there has been no lawsuits.
Blackface has also accused Wizkid of stealing ‘Ojuelegba’ from him.
The former members of the defunct group, Plantashun Boiz, have had issues in the past over song ownership; with Blackface earlier claiming one of 2-face Idibia’s hit songs ‘African Queen’.

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