Don’t Push The Yorubas Into War, Afenifere


Chief Olu Falae

Sequel to the incident where the farm of Olu Falae was burned by suspected Fulani Herdsmen, Afenifere, a Yoruba group has warned those behind the act to be watchful of not inciting the Yorubas into war

Expressing their feelings through Yinka Odumakin, the National Publicity of Afenifere, he said Yorubas can’t keep on watching while its senior citizens and symbols are constantly rubbished and ambushed.

Odumakin who compared the assault on Falae as statement of war said Yorubas are calm individuals who scarcely get incited yet included that when they respond, the results is constantly shocking as seen in 1963, 1983 and 1993.

“The assault on Falae’s farm has turned out to be serial. After he was abducted by Fulani herders two years prior and they dispensed blade cut on him, recover was paid to get him discharged. After he was discharged, these Fulani herders have backpedaled to his ranch five or six times and now they have copied down his homestead.

“For us in Afenifere, we see what they are doing to Falae as a revelation of war since it resembles a few Yorubas young men now go toward the North and capture Adamu Ciroma. By what means will the North respond? These individuals are jabbing their fingers at us and that we are watching isn’t an indication of weakness.

“Yoruba individuals don’t battle effectively however when Yorubas choose to battle, there are dependably points of interest. When we were sustained up in 1962 and we battled back, we battled until the point when Nigeria is occupied with a three year war with the notwithstanding prompting each other.

“When we were irate in 1983 and it began in this same Ondo, that was the finish of that Republic. When we were incited and irate in 1993, it was a six years war that went ahead in this nation. Thus, they ought to be cautious on how they keep on stepping on our toes and how they keep on dealing with the symbols of our kin. They ought not incite the Yoruba individuals to where they say ‘ that’s it, given us a chance to have it out!’.

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