NIP Chairperson States Why Ex-President Jonathan Lost 2015 Elections


Ms. Eunice Atuejide, NIP National Chairperson

Nigerians have continued to comment on why former president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan lost the 2015 general elections almost four years after he conceded defeat to President Mohammadu Buhari, the latest coming from Chairman National Interest Party(NIP), Ms. Eunice Atuejide.

Atuejide who was speaking to editors at the weekend said the former President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan lost because he is a weak leader.

“He was not the most charismatic President Nigeria could ever have. He failed Nigerians because he was not charismatic enough to do the right thing. He looked away, allowing bad people to thrive. I was in tears when Jonathan lost because I knew that Buhari will be the worst leader.

“Nigerians rose against PDP and Jonathan. If Jonathan was good he would have won, but he never won, anyway. I hope he is not going to run again. If he contests in 2019, I will vote against him”, she said.

Atuejide who spoke on variety of issues said the National Interest Party is offering Nigerians something new. She said Nigerians are ready to give women opportunity, noting that women certainly don’t belong to the other room.

Her strength is faith and confidence in Nigeria. According to her, Nigerians are waiting for the light, “when NIP will shine the light Nigeria will rise”, she said.

She explained that Nigerians formed NIP as a lifetime party and not just about 2019. She hopes to win something good in 2019 . Her party hopes to field a credible candidate come 2019 that will be a better alternative to the All Progressive Congress, APC and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The party which register members online hopes to raise membership to 15 million by May/June and 90 million by 2019.

With this aggressive membership drive across the country, NIP is hoping to make an impressive run, at least produce the president come 2019, to show Nigerians its seriousness.

NIP is currently one of the 68 parties registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. The figures could hit 90 by December 2018 but she is not bothered. She believes that Nigerians will love the party when they see that it is offering something different.

First, registration is free but she believes that Nigerians will willingly donate to the party when they see what it is up to.

Though formed by young minds who are hungry for genuine change, she said membership of the party is open to all Nigerians who are IT savvy and able flow with the trend.

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