We Have Nothing To Hide Here, Says COSON


Chinedu Chukwuji, COSON G.M.

The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) has declared that it has nothing to hide in its dealings with its public. This is contained in a statement the collecting society issued in response to issues raised by its former board members who were asked to step down on December 19, 2017 by the VOSON General Assembly.

The statement informed that COSON had not only addressed in detail the said issues, but had also sent its responds to the appropriate authorities.

Below is the statement in full:

Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) hereby informs all interested members of the public that every issue raised by some members of our board who were asked to step down on December 19, 2017 by the COSON General Assembly has been addressed in detail and the response sent to the appropriate authorities

We wish to state that since our approval in 2010, our organization has been run strictly in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Our strict adherence to transparency and accountability are responsible for the phenomenal growth of COSON and its position as one of the most respected and fastest growing collective management organizations in the continent.

We wish to state emphatically that at COSON, we have nothing to hide. We are solidly committed to providing the best professional service in the collective management of copyright. Our licensees are assured that we will never deviate from our well-known path of complete adherence to the rule of law, transparency and accountability. Our thousands of members and affiliates can rest assured that COSON will never waiver in the forceful protection of their rights.

With a rejuvenated leadership, COSON is primed for even faster growth in 2018.
COSON is working.

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