2-face Idibia Explains His Cancellation Of #VoteNotFight Protest


2-Face Idibia

Nigerian R&B act, 2face Idibia has since cancelled his pet project, #VoteNotFight protest expected to hold in the year 2017. But he does not regret his abrupt action even as he acknowledged that a lot of people were disappointed due to the quashed event which had already gained national attention.
The artiste revealed this in a recent press interview where he further stated that the stoppage was for good reasons though he did not state them in the report published on Saturday, January 6, 2018.

2face Idibia promotes #VoteNotFight with Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra.

“The protest, I had to cancel it, for very genuine reasons. Many people were disappointed and I understand why but at the same time, I don’t know if they were in my shoes at that point in time, what they would have done.

“I don’t regret nothing, I just take it that it was for a good reason and even the cancellation was for a good reason,” he said.

The year 2017, saw an intense rivalry between Nigerian celebrities which reached the attention of fans on social media.

While a majority of these clashes ranged from marital issues, artistic disagreement, others were basically problems that could have been handled in the background.

According to the R&B singer, who was last year linked consistently to a beef with Blackface, a member of the defunct boy-band, Plantashun Boiz, airing one’s laundry on social media is a recipe for disaster.

“Social media is like pouring petrol on fire you’re trying to quench instead of using water.

“Like me, I’ve always preach one love but it doesn’t mean that if person wey dey give me beef, even if I no respond, e no mean say I go take am from the person completely.”

Idibia’s passion and commitment to impacting on the lives of people like he intended with the protest bears a similar complexion with his baby mama Pero Adeniyi, who disclosed that she donated her kidneys in a bid to save her mother some years ago.

Pero, who has been living alright since the surgical operation recounted the experience in a Facebook post shared in November 2017.

Her comments saw her give thanks for the opportunity to live healthy despite alleged opposition from the R&B singer’s wife, Annie Idibia.

Funmi Bazuaye, a sister to the thankful woman criticized the actress for preventing her husband from keeping in touch with Pero’s children.

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