Buhari/APC Govt: A Charade That Must Not Repeat In 2019

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President Mohammadu Buhari

Presently, it is clearly obvious that the Buhari/APC government sworn into power on May 29, 2015 has absolutely, clearly and woefully failed Nigeria and Nigerians on all fronts and every field.

There is no modicum of doubt about it. Currently, electricity supply is zero as Nigeria is in looming darkness; fuel is in zero supply even as President Mohammadu Buhari greedily holds onto the portfolio of the petroleum ministry as the substantive minister whilst using Dr. Ibe Kachikwu as cannon fudder in the name of minister of state of the same ministry; health care delivery in Nigeria is in tarters. President Buhari, himself, has since proved this to be evidently true when he, on two ocassions, embarked on medical holidays abroad during which he, in the second instance, spent 105 days away from office and home-country reparing his battered and collapsed heath.

Unemployment has reached exponecial heights under this present administration, leading to all forms of crime and criminality involving many youths, further resulting in the stip and stiff insecurity situation confronting the country at present.

Promise to pay stipend of =N=5,000.00 to indegent Nigerians and unemployed graduates by the administration has since proved to be a huge ruse while a meal a day for school pupils which they used to campaign for offices has been thrown over board.

Before the whole world, on public television the Buhari/APC government announced that the terrorist outfit, Book Hatam had been technically defeated with top military commanders handing over the insurgents’ flag to President Buhari as sign and proof of the final blow to the brigands. However, this government has recently gone on to earmark controversial $1 billion to fight the same Book Haram it claimed to have defeated. But the world can see the lie in it all.

Those haters of Nigeria who promoted, pushed and finally foisted this charade of Buhari/APC government on Nigeria, now know and agree that their evil design was a failure on arrival. But they will still shamelessly hold onto their fakery; that all is well; that the problem confronting the entire nation under this administration was caused by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and the defeated Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

But, verily, verily, we say onto you, that this APC/Buhari government is not only an affliction to the country, but a cacophonous misnomer that is so clueless and confused, looking for who to blame for its appalling and abysmal failure.

They may have put in place, all the machnery to rig themselves back on to the saddle in the next general elections, but shall we, the commoners, allow a repeat of this travesty in 2019?

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