Foremost Female Flutist, Bursts On “Ebele’s World”



She is hardly inseparable from her fluit which has since become the hallmark of her purpose. Hell no! Ebele, the female pace setter in blowing the wind instrument, has more under her sleeve as she has sought to express diversity in her talent with the unveiling of another dimension in her endeavours.
Ebele, who called, disclosed that she had already unleashed online her new brand christened Ebele’s World.
According to the gifted flutist, Ebele’s World is the other part of her; quite different from the Flutist people are all familiar with.
Ebele’s World, she offered, “is about talk show, health and fitness, style and beauty and every other part of Ebele which her fans have been yearning to know”.

She’s most visibly on social media platforms like; Instagram @ebelesworld, Twitter @Ebelesworld, Facebook page Ebele’s World, and YouTube Ebele’s World.
Ebele who has some awsrds to show for her efforts at prviding happiness and possitive service for her community, has been the hottest female flutist in and outside Nigeria, boasting of a rapidly soaring brand all along.

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