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Agya Koo

Popular Ghanaian actor, Agya Koo has said he is coming back in full swing in 2018 after years of being away from the television screens in the country.

According to him, the individuals who took over from him did not do a good job and that has made Ghanaians miss him.

“I am coming back to the screens because as a landlord, I need to come and take over my house because those who took my place have left the room with a lot of cobwebs and I need to come and make things right in order to bring joy to homes like I used to during my hay days”.

The actor who was speaking at the extraordinary national delegates conference of the NPP indicated that in his absence, the Nigerian movie industry took over the movie on the continent but his return would bring back the lost glory of the Ghana Movie Industry.

“People have asked for my return and I have considered their calls and I’m coming back in full swing next year. My return to movie will make the Nigerian Movie Industry put their hands on their head and cry because I am bringing something new and great to the industry in Ghana,” he told Abusua FM.

“Next year, you just have to download 2c TV because we will be loading all Agya Koo movies on there for your viewing pleasure. We will also load all the new movies that promises to take over the screens of the country so Ghanaians should just be on the watch out for me”.

He asked Ghanaians to remember him in their prayers and also support him to revive the dead movie industry

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