Newly Approved National Interest Party Outlines Drive, Direction


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has approved the registration of 21 new political parties, among which is the National Interest Party. This brings the number of registered parties in the country to 67.

The approval, according to a statement signed by Mrs May Agbamuche-Mbu, INEC National Commissioner and Member, Information and Voter Education Committee, was given at the commission’s weekly meeting on Thursday in Abuja.

INEC informed in the press statement, that the National Interest Party (NIP) and the other approved associations were registered as political parties following their satisfaction of all the constitutional requirements for registration as political parties pursuant to the provisions of the Electoral Act.

In her inaugural speech, the National Chairman of the National Interest Party, Eunice U. Atuejide gave an insight into what the party stands for and why it is imparative for Nigerians to join the party just as she urged Nigerians to join hands to rebuild a Nigeria for all and for the interest of all Nigerians.

Below is her full speech:

“The secret to Change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” – Socrates.

“I invite all of us to join the National Interest Party (NIP). NIP is our chance to stand in the forefront of the Nigerian Political Landscape. NIP is our chance to re-write our history. Our chance to make a difference. Our chance to build a Nigeria for all of us.

“Ours at NIP is to build the most open, transparent, innovative, effective, grounded in ideologies, and forward thinking political movement in Nigeria.

“NIP is officially registered as a political party in Nigeria (see, so you can safely join us in the quest to take back what is ours.

“Buhari and Atiku are not our future. You and I are. We just need to believe it. And do what we must to claim it.

“Again, Nigeria’s future is with me and you. Not Buhari. Not Atiku. Not Fayose. Not Ekweremadu. Not Duke. Not Saraki. Not Akpabio. Not Fashola. Not Ngige. Not Kwankwanso. Not Amaechi. Not Tinubu. No, no no no….not these people. They will not help us. They do not care about us.They are not interested in us. They will continue to steal from us. They will continue to kill us if we again trust them with our mandate.

“Nigeria’s future is me and YOU!

“Well-meaning Nigerians who would rather die, than continue to let evil prevail. Young, healthy, qualified, highly experienced, selfless, Nigeria and Nigerians loving people from every corner of our country.

“The die is cast my people. The battle line is drawn. Let us free ourselves from the evil shackles of bad governance and nepotism.

“Join our discussion forum on Facebook National Interest Party (NIP)

“Follow us on Twitter (@NIP4All), Instagram (@NIP4All), Facebook (@NIP4All), YouTube ( Look up our documents on our temporary website ( And when our permanent website goes live, join us officially.

“NIP is your party. Your platform. The safe haven from within which you can speak. A platform where the best of us takes the lead. Where real choice is the only option. Where you’re an automatic deligate at all elections which affects you. Where money will not prevent you from bearing our Flag. Where nobody is sellable. Where power really belongs to the people.

“Membership is FREE. Nomination forms are FREE! Your only problem? Do I meet the constitutional requirements to run? Answer YES, and you can run.

Roll up your sleeves people. The die is cast!”

National Chairman,
National Interest Party (NIP)

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