Gov. Obiano Remains The Man To Beat In Anambra Guber Race, Says Sen. Okonkwo


As scores of parties and their governorship flag bearers justle for office of the Anambra State governor, South East Statesman and “invest Home” campaigner, Sen. Annie Okonkwo has re-emphasised that the incumbent Governor of the state, ChiefnWillie Obiano, is the real deal for the November 18, 2017 governorship election in the State.

Sen. Okonkwo who inspires the Agunechemba Support Group for Obiano, stated this while addressing the field mobilisers of the group, at their strategy meeting in Anambra yesterday. He declared, “With less a month to the inevitable re-election of the Governor, it has become imperative to note that this is a ‘fait accompli’ that must be translated to mission accomplished, because all other contenders has brought nothing new to the table. They have been fairly weighted and properly scaled, we have seen their flag offs and take off rhetorics, but the truth remains that Gov. Obiano is not just the best deal, he is actually the only deal in this critical matter for sustainable governance and development of the state. The rest are playmakers possibly good for the compliments”.

He reiterated, “I speak to you from the history of our known grassroots bond, and the benefit of an established highest level participant in equitable politics, that wisdom and fair judgment demands that we work together and return the incumbent with even bigger margins”.

This is because we have seen from our experiences that building on our culture of stability is the most critical cornerstone for progress, continuous transformation and incremental prosperity of our people. So, mandate renewal for the governor is not just for his documented accomplishments, it is a preference that is right for the known over the unknown, a red card for deceit and vendetta, and a loud nay to ‘try-your-luck’ candidates with their bag of tricks and cartons of promises”.

Delivering a punch to the dance by those who claim to have ‘given’ Obiano to Anambra people insistence on a change, the Senator remarked, that ‘it will be poisonous to allow the person or people who ‘served’ us Obiano, to ruin our appetite with new aromas from the same kitchen, when we are just half done, because you can never know the spin the chef is making.

On a more serious note, ‘it is a fatal disservice to our people for anyone to sabotage a flight at cruise level just because you disembarked wilfully”.

And permit me to straighten this narrative decidedly, we deserve the respect and the truth that the Anambra tempo of growth and successes, was not anybody’s special rocket science and prerogatives. It was a logical flow from a hard won stability of tenure with a first full beneficiary. The first should therefore allow the second fair grip on the baton he exchanged.

The politics of good governance in Anambra state is not, and cannot be any man’s wish pot to mix and brew, serve and remove, even when it’s so unnecessary, because we the citizens are the real stakeholders in the outcomes. Therefore, we should not be part of anyone’s sterile misadventure and comedy of after thoughts, which, efforts sadly should have been engaged more productively.

It will be recalled that the Agunechemba Support Group for Obiano recently hosted the governor to an unprecedented rally at Awka with a historic commitment to his electoral victory.

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