That Very First Ever Great Garri Hangout In Coutonu


This female clothier concentrates as she consumes the garri with relish

 A guest “brews” garri for a quicky as Alexis watches
The day was Saturday, October 14, 2017. The place was the ocean front in Coutonu capital of Benin Republic in West Africa. A gathering of happy-go-lucky folkes, largely from Nigeria, joined by other nationals from neighbouring countries was formed to celebrate one popular but not too valued staple food very common and indigenous to Nigeria and many other West African communities.

A guest and Alexis Onome deal with garri and some meat
This France-based business man mixes and laps up all the various makes of garri in a fashion he calls cocktail

Welcome to the first ever Great Garri Hangout (GGH) at Eldorado Private Beach, Coutonu. The day-long spectacle engineered by Alexis Onome Eborge attracted people of various callings, trade and profession who were united in on purpose-to do justice to garri in its diverse makes like garri from Togo, Ijebu Garri, Warri Yellow Garri, Bini Garri, Ibadan International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Brand, and more.

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