COSON Songs Awards Makes”Eko Gbagbere”, ” Ijo Shina” Evergreen, Honours Osita Osadebe, Dan Maraya Jos


When on November 5, the COSON Song Awards stage is set, the music industry and all lovers of music will stand up to celebrate two all time hit songs, “Eko Gbagere” and “Ijo Shina” respectively by Chris Ajilo and Sir Shina Peters.

“Eko Gbagbere” has over the years become the Anthem of Lagos, and will become the evergreen song of the 2017 COSON Song Awards, just as the industry will also celebrate the creative genius behind the song, the octogenarian Chris Ajilo.

No wonder in 2017, when Lagos State celebrated 50 years of the creation of Nigeria’s most vibrant state, the organizers did not have to look very far to find that piece of music, the iconic song that captures the essence of Lagos, its vibrant spirit and the beauty of its people. They went for the song that year after year, decade after decade, has become the anthem of Lagos, ’Eko Gbagbere’!

Eko Gbagbere was composed in the early 60s by a master musician, the man who led the Independence Band at the Federal Palace Hotel in 1960, the people’s saxophonist, a music teacher by calling, Artiste & Repertoire Manager with a difference, producer of numerous hit songs and numerous hit artistes and the quintessential copyright man.

At the same event also, the music industry and music fans will celebrate the song that infected Nigerians with a ‘virus’ that appeared to have no cure.

It did not matter where in the country you were, east, west, north or south, you were sure to catch the bug, a bug that made people gyrate uncontrollably on the dance floor, made DJs go crazy on radio and made Nigerians dance, dance, dance and forget their sorrows.

Probably no song in the history of Nigeria has caused more commotion on the dance floor than ‘Ijo Shina’, the iconic song that came with its own unique dance steps, got Nigerians rocking like mad and began the spread of the disease known as Shinamania.

On the stage of the COSON Song Awards on November 5, ‘Ijo Shina’, the song that changed the beat, the unstoppable and unforgettable song that gave music lovers many unstoppable and unforgettable moments of happiness will be celebrated alongside the unrivalled songwriter and performer behind the song, Sir Shina Peters.

Also to be honoured with Posthumous Awards on November 5 are two of Nigeria’s most prolific songwriters of all times, the unbeatable king of Highlife, Osita Osadebe and the musical genius that thrilled the nation with his one string instrument, Dan Maraya Jos.

The COSON Song Awards, the show of all shows, will be the climax of the much talked about COSON Week. On Sunday, November 5, the nation’s glitterati and paparazzi will be on parade at the Balmoral Convention Centre, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island to celebrate the best of Nigerian music. The COSON Song Awards ‘Red Carpet Fantastico’ begins at 5.00 pm and is strictly, strictly and strictly, by invitation. The only way to describe it is ‘wow!’

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