Emeka Ike On Why He’s Yet To Sign Divorce Papers For Ex-wife


Emeka Ike and ex-wife

Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike has explained that his reasons for refusing to sign the papers which make his divorce from ex-wife, Emma, official was due to the involvement of blackmail and the tarnishing of his name.
He also revealed during a recent press interview that Emma’s favourite TV program was “women who killed their husbands.”

He said: “The reason why I have not signed the divorce papers is because of the blackmail involved and my name that has been tarnished. She is spoiling my name; I would fight to clear myself of being called a wife beater with everything I have.
“My children do not want to see their mother. When my daughter heard she would be taken to Lagos to be with her mother, she was crying profusely. The children are scared of her.
“If you threaten our daughter that she would go to Lagos to meet her mother, she would cry and do everything you want her to do in the house just because she doesn’t want to see her.
“The children are really irritated by their mother. I have a lot of evidence of child abuse against her but I am waiting for the right time to arrest her. Even in court, her son testified against her.”

He went on to add that she lied about the domestic violence accusations which she levelled against him, and tendered as the main reason she wanted out of their marriage.
“She has tried to use the press against me by saying that I am a wife beater but I have never touched her in my life. Her best TV station is the criminal investigation channel; she stays up till 4 am to watch the channel for over five years.
“She watched the programmes about women who killed their husbands, children, relatives. How would you wake up at 4 am and not see your wife on the bed only to go downstairs and see her watching that station as if she is taking notes.
“I had to ask her if she wanted to kill somebody. This is a woman whom I brought out of a one-room apartment she was living with her mother, but I built a two-bedroom apartment for them.
“I went to her village and built a three-bedroom apartment for her. I trained her from secondary school to Master’s degree level. Is this how she is supposed to pay me back?

“No one is looking at all this but they would go online to say that I am bitter. Some men suffer like me but they died for nothing. That is why I dedicated my award to all the men that lost their lives to the women they loved.”

You would recall that Ike has continued to deny the domestic violence allegations against him while accusing Suzanne of various atrocities.
The court has since granted Suzanne her request for a divorce but as we now know, Ike is yet to sign off on the documents.

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