DJ Cuppy Confirms Separation From Victor Anichebe


DJ Kuppy

DJ Cuppy is no longer dating former footballer, Victor Anichebe.
She made this known in an interview where confirmed that she is no longer dating the former Sunderland striker, Victor Anichebe, which put oaid to the lingering fixation on her by rumour mongers.

Victor Anichebe and DJ Kuppy

She stated in the interview on Lagos radio, The Beat FM that their relationship had to end due to the fact that they were regions apart, adding that this has not affected their friendship.

“I literally do not have a boo. I and Victor are not together anymore. The picture I put up recently was a picture of us when we were together. We are still friends. People find it so weird.

“I feel like we just…He lives in China, I moved here. Time difference. It was really difficult. Anyone that knows footballers know that their schedules are crazy and my schedule is also crazy. So it was just difficult but he is such a great guy,” she said.

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