Biafra: Avoid Another Civil War, Militants Warn Buhari


President Buhari

The Federal Government has been advised to avoid another civil war that would claim millions of lives by allowing Igbos actualize Biafra. This admonition is coming from a group going by the name, Coalition of Niger-Delta Agitators just as it called on all serving governors, senators, House of Representatives members, ministers, ambassadors from the South-East to immediately join the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu to form a Biafran government.
In a statement, the agitators called on the Federal Government to stop funding the South-East with resources and funds generated from the Niger Delta region.
The statement was signed by 13 militant groups led by the leader of the Niger Delta Watchdogs, John Duku.
Others, who signed the statement are, leader of Niger Delta Volunteers, Ekpo Ekpo; leader of Niger Delta Warriors, Osarolor Nedam; Henry Okon Etete of Niger Delta Peoples Fighters; Asukwo Henshaw of Bakassi Freedom Fighters; Ibinabo Horsfall of Niger Delta Movement for Justice; and Duke Emmanson of Niger Delta Fighters Network.
Others include: Inibeghe Adams of Niger Delta Freedom Mandate; Abiye Tariah of Niger Delta Development Network; Joshua Ebere of Renewed Movement for Emancipation of Niger Delta; Jeremiah Anthony of Movement for Actualization of Niger Delta Republic; and Francis Okoroafor of Niger Delta Freedom Redemption Army.
The statement reads, “We condemn the IPOB attack and destruction of properties in Oyigbo in Rivers State; we have warned this people several times that Rivers State and the entire Niger Delta region is not and would not be part of Biafra.
“They rush to Rivers State to attack Hausa community in order to involve the Niger Delta territory in the ill-advised secession agenda of IPOB.
“We are appealing to the Nigerian government to allow Igbo to go and have their independence without the involvement of other zones since they are tired of being in Nigeria.
“Rather the government should allow them to be on their own, stop funding the southeastern states with the Niger Delta money.
“They should be on their own, generate their funds and pay their bills. It is high time Nigeria allowed Igbo to be on their own to avoid another civil war.
“Nigeria is not ready to go into another civil war, we therefore appeal to the government to allow Igbo to go and be on their own, all the serving governors, senators, House of Reps members, ministers, ambassadors from the South-East extraction should resign immediately and join Nnamdi Kanu to form Biafra government, let peace reign in Nigeria.”

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