Credit Card Mix-up: Like 2-Face Idibia, Like Dammy Krane


2-Face Idibia

2face Idibia has revealed that he had once experienced the same predicament fellow musician, Dammy Krane went through.
While in a media interview, the music star said he was fortunate the public had no knowledge of it because it was settled before it became public knowledge.

“Yes, it happened to me once; there was this time I went for a show, I can’t really remember where, maybe Amsterdam or somewhere in Europe, my ticket was bought with a fraudulent credit card. It almost caused problems for me but everything was cleared as soon as they realized I didn’t buy the tickets myself, so I was freed. It is something that could happen to anybody, you just have to be careful,” he said.
Speaking further he said he knew Dammy Krane was innocent all along, having experienced the same himself.

2-Face and Dammy Krane

“I knew Dammy Krane was going to be free of the charges against him, but you know when something like this happens, you still have to go to court and clear yourself, and that’s what happened in his case. It was just unfortunate that something like that happened. I would say he was at the right place but at the wrong time. He was only going to a show and somehow one or two of the people traveling with him were not clean and it got every other person involved in the scandal. It could have happened to anybody”, he highlighted.
2Baba was recently criticised by Charly Boy for not going ahead with the nationwide protest which he planned. In his defense, while granting an interview on The Punch, the singer gave a view concerning Charly Boy’s critique.

“The only thing I have to say about the protest is that I am not Nigeria’s problem.I don’t understand why Charly Boy is calling me out. He should talk to the people that are Nigeria’s problem. That is all I have to say about that,” he said.
There is no question about the commitment of the R&B legend to national development who has been involved in activism geared towards improving the state of governance in Nigeria.

On Thursday, September 14, the music legend, inaugurated “Vote Not Fight, Election No Be War” campaign in a bid to promote peaceful governorship election in Anambra on November 18.

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