Lest Operation Egwu Eke Metamorphoses Into Mad Necked Dance In The Market


This python neither sleeps nor dances

In which ever manner anybody looks at it, government is a and in continuum. An ex-military head of state, Olusegun Obasanjo peacefully ceded Bakassi to Cameroun after series of attack on Nigerian territory by that country’s military.

The python-dancing Nigerian Army never fired a shut. Bakassi was cowardly ceded to that Central African country at the expense of the original owners and inhabitants of that ancestral land.

Now, a mere non-armed agitation for poor Biafra has elicited Operation Egwu Eke (Dance of the Python) in the South-Eastern States by the same Army that saw the ceding of Bakassi to Cameron albeit, peacefully.

Truth is that what they are presently dubbing Dance of the Python, if unintelligently handled by this unintelligent coercive regime of President Mohammadu Buhari, may snowball into crocodile, hyena, elephant, tiger, hippopotamus and above and beyond all, nuclear necked dance in the market.

That was how Lt. Col. Gowon, in the ’60’s boasted that his Federal troops were just on a mere police action against this same Easterners. But it lasted good 30 months to quell that uprising which emanated from this same cry against injustice being perpetrated by this same Federal Government against the same Easterners.

Is any deaf/blind person listening/reading?

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