Paul Okoye Of P-Square Laments Poor State Power Supply


Paul Okoye

The electricity situation in Nigeria is apparently giving P-Square’s Paul Okoye sleepless nights. The singer seems not to be singing anymore but rather lamenting over the manace occasioned by darkness due to poor power supply in Nigeria.
Paul or Rude Boy as he is sometimes known is in Las Vegas presently. The illuminated and majestic view of the city has made him wonder why things are the way they are in Nigeria.
“Dear God I woke up this morning in this lovely space and nice view #lasvegas and I want to thank you but I have a question pls don’t be offended …how long will it take for Nigeria my country to be like this?” asked Paul Okoye.
His lamentation did not stop there. “Abeg who did we offend bikonu we don’t mind, we will go and beg for forgiveness no pride at all…we go humble ourselves.”
“Even if they demand for a skeleton of an ant, we shall provide pls may thunder fire the people that denied us all these good things of life.
“Even me that thought I was living life, I’m a starter an upcoming, see light everywhere and that’s how I will come and going back to may God help us all.”
Paul Okoye who welcomed a set of twins in July 2017, met his new kids in July in Atlanta. “Now papa is here #doubledouble #facetoface blessings,” he wrote alongside the adorable photo of himself and his babies.

As for the electricity problem, a recent report revealed that N11tr meant to provide regular electricity for Nigerians was squandered under three administrations.

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