When Family Says No To Your Love


Consider all options before making the choice

If there’s any symbolism we can take away from shows like Mzansi Magic’s Date My Family, it’s certainly our families’ importance in our choice of partners.

” You need to decide if their concerns are valid”

Taking a break from your relationship to decide on future – What are the rules?
While Date My Family is for pure entertainment, the reality is that not everyone enjoys the luxury of their family being accepting of their relationship choices. In some instances, things can get very ugly, where the family is so against one’s choice of partner that ultimatums are set, and one is forced to choose between their partner and their family.

Who would you choose?

Does it all depend on the reasons the family is so against your relationship?

Relationship expert, certainly think so, and while some people have gone on to defy their families, here is their advice.

You have to determine if the family’s reasons for assassinating your partner’s character are valid, in the sense that they are no personal agendas or something unfounded, blown out of proportion or a pure fabrication.

You can do this by firstly sitting down with your family, and hearing them out without being defensive. Let them lay all their concerns on the table.

Next, you need to observe your partner and determine if your family’s concerns match your partner’s character.

Eventually, you need to decide if the family’s concerns are valid or if it’s something that you can live with and handle with your partner.

How to respond to advice, concerns
The experts went through the scenarios below and give advice on which ones call for one to listen to their family or not:

A person who has too many kids with different people is not necessarily a deal breaker. They could have been a sucker for love who just happened to have been played too many times. You cannot discard a partner based on them having too many kids. Their character will tell you what to do.

Your partner has been in jail or has a criminal past

Yes, some people do come out from behind the prison walls changed and ready to begin a whole new life, but some statistics, which say that a large percentage of offenders are prone to a relapse, tell us otherwise. It is just too much to take on, with having a chip on your shoulder about when your partner will finally snap. Not worth it.

Your family thinks your partner is not attractive and does not suit you

Beauty is subjective, and truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. Character supercedes looks. Also, beauty is not everything. The most beautiful couples have divorced.

Your partner has been married and divorced

Your family may be concerned that the same might happen to you, but not everyone you marry ends up being the love of your life. Sometimes things just don’t work out. This is not a reason to doubt your partner, especially if they have learned from their past mistakes.

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