Biafra: Followers Of IPOB Leader, Kanu Will Soon Desert Him, Says S.A.P Tiwo Of CCC



The leader of the agitation for the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi anu, will soon be deserted by his followers, a prophecy has revealed.

Sylvanus Akintope Paul Tiwo of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), said to be the anointed by the Holy Spirit as the Pastor and leader of CCC worldwide gave the prophecy in Lagos just as he said that Nigeria would not disintegrate despite various agitatations for self determinatiin by various groups in the country.

The man of God who left journalism for his present calling in the vineyard of the Lord also prophesied that the members of the dreaded Boko Haram are merely living on borrowed time because the Holy Spirit had revealed to him that they would soon be no more.

“They want an Islamic state where they will apply Sharia Law but the Lord said that Boko Haram will cease to exist. The Lord said that Boko Haram will be no more. The Lord said that what they will do next is to go into kidnapping for ransom. And it is beginning to happen. All these are on my Facebook wall.

“As for the Biafra agitation, it was when they started that the Lord spoke to me that this people who are from the South East, who are our brothers, who are our people and fellow Nigerians, will soon go into arm insurrection. That they will adopt the hit and run tactics and it is already happening in Anambra State. Did you not see what happened last week in Anambra? Though, it will get a bit worse, the agitation will soon fizzle out. The Lord told me that the followership will disappear and the leadership will find out that they no longer have followership and they will disappear.

“All these I made known long ago and they are all documented on my Facebook wall. Nigeria will not break up, Nigeria will not disintegrate; Nigeria will come out of all of these a stronger and more united nation,” he said.

According to him Nigeria is a country God has blessed with glory and will soon become the envy of all nations and appealed to all to remain calm and wait for the manifestation of all the prophesies.

“Nigeria is a country that God has given glory; it will become the envy of other nations. How I wish people can see beyond the ordinary. The lord has made this nation great and the purpose for which it was made will soon manifest. What I tell people is to be calm. All I will tell the youths who possess the future is to lean and work with hope because this nation is destined for greatness. Let Nigerians stop working against the nation and its leaders,” he admonished.

Tiwo, who spoke to in an exclusive interview in his church in Igando, an outskirt of Lagos, at the weekend, also said that the AREWA Youth quit order to Igbo in the north is just a mere threat which he said will not be carried and urged the Igbo not to panic.

“They, the AREWA Youths, will not carry out their threat; what happened to the Igbo in 1966 will not happen. There is no need to panic as the Lord has told me that any evil plan by the wicked will be crushed. The quit order, like you and I know, is just a mere reaction to the many outbursts of Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader,” he said.

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