PDP Convention, Taraba And Odds Against Internal Demons


Alhaji Makarfi

By Emmanuel Bello

As the PDP meets this weekend for its convention at Abuja, Taraba State should not be denied its pride of place. And I dare say the way Taraba would be treated would be a pointer to whether PDP is really serious about its transformation or not. One of the things that did the party in recently is the issue of justice or lack of it rather. And justice, no matter how we define it, is the art of giving to each what they truly deserved. In the past, the PDP did all sorts of funny things. The qualified were ostensibly ignored, even as charlatans and ignoramuses were crowned in a curious commitment to delete excellence. The party preferred the weak, the infirmed and the those with character defects to young, exuberant and healthy candidates. An effective and popular soul was often castigated, relegated to the background, while a mediocre is patently endorsed to the chagrin of all. It was a no brainer and I knew the party was going to sink. Sin, (especially the sin of injustice) is a reproach to any people says the Holy Writ. A party that rewards inefficiency and spurns the prepared; and pretends all is well, is headed for the precipice. But thank God, the party is back from the brink. Now is the time to time to do right, starting with Taraba.

Taraba state has played pivotal roles since the PDP was formed. It has stayed true to the ideals of its founding fathers and has continue to play its modest role toward its growth. Not wavering to the left or right, our state has, over the years, remained a PDP state against all odds. The best the party can do now is give us some VIP treatment. If there is an award for long service, we are the automatic claimants. Our governor, Arc. Darius Ishaku is known to have spend sleepless nights trying to broker peace during the travails of the party. Footages of his peace meetings in Abuja, at the TY Danjuma Government Lodge, with the two gladiators who clashed are still everywhere. Apart from him, the Deputy Minority Leader of the Senate, Rt. Hon Emmanuel Bwacha (CON) has been in the forefront of resuscitating the party. Why should Taraba state not be considered for major roles as the PDP tries to get its acts together? That would only be just and be right.

Finally, PDP must rid itself of the following demons: imposition, silly zonings that sacrifices merits, brigandage, elevation of those with questionable characters, any form of rigging (transparent election are far better than skewed ones that doesn’t have God’s blessing), the undue use of cash, bullying and intimidation. These were the demons that took the party to Hell in the past. We must continue to rebuke them in the name of all the prophets.

This weekend would demonstrate if Mr. Makarfi is the real change agent or not. And the way Taraba is treated would be a huge part of that demo. I’m watching like an eagle.

***Bello, a former commissioner of information, is now the SSA Public Affairs to Governor Ishaku. He contributed this piece only as a commentator

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