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Tonto Dikeh

The endless pettiness and jealousy inherent in the showbiz environment among the players may not go away soon. It tends to deepen everyday as Tonto Dikeh and filmmaker Ada Slim are at daggers drawn presently on Instagram.
Their public feud started when the actress and filmmaker took to her page today, August 2, 2017, to accuse the actress of mocking her behind her back, dismissing her as a ‘fan’, and not returning her car.

Tonto has replied and according to her, she never lied against Ada Slim, nor did she dismiss her. She also didn’t hesitate to sub the hell out of her former friend.
“I can’t remember having your car in my possession nor owing you or having your clothes with me but IF I TRUELY DO PLEASE BIG SIS SEND ME THE BILL.God has blessed me now and am super grateful,” Tonto says.

Ada claims she made Tonto who Tonto is today–starting with giving her the first two movie roles, introducing her to Mama G, taking her to meet the big shots in the industry. Ada Slim also stated that she gave Tonto her dresses and cars.
However, they fell apart when Ada Slim suffered a huge set back and her “soul sister” resorted to ridiculing and pretending she had no idea who she was.
The movie star who recently announced herself as a born again Christian, says she’s working on taking off all the tattoos on her body.

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