Fibroid Relapse: Halima Abubakar Thanks Chika Ike For Her Financial Support


Halima Abubakar

After a relaps from her fibroid operation early this year, Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar is currently undergoing medical treatment.
Despite all this, the actress is still positive about her current health status jus as she is thanking Chika Ike for her monetary support. She took to Instagram on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, to share the news.
“Chika called several times to pray for me and she did today too(bless her)she gave me money and insisted it was a token(I was touched)Chika you totally surprised me and am grateful ,darlings pls thank @chikaike for me you rock love you all and thank you for the support.Good night,” she wrote.
This comes after the movie star begged fans not to raise money for her. In a post shared via Instagram on July 19, 2017, Abubakar pleaded with fans and followers not to donate money on her behalf to anyone.
Halima Abubakar is a Nigerian actress and producer. She began acting in 2001 when she played a minor role in “Rejected” however, her first lead role was in “Gangster Paradise”.
Abubakar is also the CEO of Modehouse Entertainment, a music label and entertainment management company.
She has starred in movies like, “Slip of Fate”, “Tears of a Child”, “Secret Shadows” and others.

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