Majid Michel Drops New Faith Bomb On All About Law And Order


Majid Michael

Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel has yet again dropped some faith bombs on the public, as part of his recent transition into the path of men of God.

The actor since the beginning of the year has been visible outside his onscreen career, taking up the cross of evangelizing to believers and non-believers via his Instagram account and at different places of worship.

Majid posts generally words of encouragement, with references to Bible passages, as he hopes to inspire people to lead good Christian lives, as he apparently does. He was recently spotted at healing service, where he is seen laying his hands on some members of the congregation, in what looks to like some form of deliverance.

In his recent post, the actor tried to explain that the Law and Order the people follow today is not in accordance with the message Jesus Christ preached. He gave scenarios of unfair life situations of various people, stating these are the true forms of lawlessness, and not the actions that the victims in these circumstances were forced to take.

It seems that in no time, we will soon see Pastor Majid Michel on our screens. It was after all prophesied by gospel singer, Sonnie Badu, who said God will use Majid in a mega church to win souls for Christ.

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