Humblesmith Says Lagos Made Him Lose His “Virginity”



Save for a few exceptions, rural dwellers appear more innonent in nature than their urban counterparts. That was the the state of singer, Humblesmith of “Osi Na Chi” fame before he arrived Lagos.

The ‘Osinachi’ singer revealed to an interviewer on Broadway TV that he had had romantic propositions from men and he never had sex until he got to Lagos.

The singer expressed satisfaction about his career accomplishment so far.

Before Humblesmith came on to the radar with the original version of ‘Osi Na Chi’ which featured Phyno in 2015, he was a young man hustling to overcome a past that involved hawking Moi-Moi in Ebonyi State.
No wonder there wasn’t time for women and sex if you consider his past.
That hustle involved him venturing into the entertainment business as an actor, and starring in a number of films including Hypertension (2010) with Sam Loco Efe. He later switched to music and chased stardom via composing, recording and performing Highlife music, a genre that dominates Eastern Nigeria.

After a stint in Asaba, and Ebonyi State he moved to Lagos to chase the bright lights of music in 2013. The original version of ‘Osinachi’ was released in 2015, and it shot him into fame in the nation’s East.

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