A Voice From The Grave


OPINION as presented by Chief Femi Fani- Kayode:

“All of us who do not speak the Hausa language in which Buhari allegedly addressed Nigerians are being told one thing: you do not belong here. Can anyone ever come up with a more powerful rationale for secession?”- Kayode Samuel.

Can anyone fault Samuel’s thinking and rationale?

It is obvious to me that it was NOT our beloved President Muhammadu Buhari that spoke in yesterdays Sallah day audio recording.

And for whoever it was to address the nation in hausa is deeply insulting. Hausa is not the lingua franca of Nigeria.

Can you imagine Obasanjo, Shonekan or Jonathan sending the Nigerian people a Christmas message in Yoruba or the Ijaw language respectively?

Can you imagine Azikiwe or Ironsi addressing the Nigerian people in Igbo?

In a nation of almost 200 million people can there be anything more shameful than what those behind this monstrous scam and repugnant exercise in deceit and deception have done?

A few weeks ago I told the nation that Nigeria was now operating a system known as ‘corpsocracy’ (which means “the rulership of the living by the dead”) and now we are seeng the full-blown manifestation of it.

That creepy and frightful voice from the grave which we heard in that audio message is the strange and invisible entity that now rules our nation even though its owner, more likely than not, is long gone and stone-cold dead.

We are being ruled by a strange spirit and an elusive ghost that resides in an unknown location in the United Kingdom.

And in the last 50 days that this strange spirit has taken up residence in the United Kingdom that nation has suffered one form of tragedy or the other.

If it is not a brutal terrorist attack with bombs, cars or knives it is an avoidable raging fire in which many were gassed to death by cyanide and then burnt alive in the sanctity of their homes.

Wherever that strange spirit and voice from the grave resides it appears to bring bad luck, tragedy, bloodshed, disaster and tears.

Is this not what the Holy Bible describes as the spirit of Achan? Is it not an accursed thing?
Is this not witchcraft and voodoo in its purest and most unadulterated form? Is this not diabolical?

Is this not a national disgrace and a self-inflicted moral crisis and disaster? Do these people have any honor, any dignity or any self-respect?

Is there anyhing that this vicious, ruthless, bloodthirsty and relentless cabal of ethnic irredentists and religious bigots not prepared to do to hold on to power in the name of a helpless and dying man?

Must they hold this nation to ransom in an attempt to prove that they are born to rule and that we are born to be slaves? Must they rule us both when they are alive and even when they are dead? When did Nigeria fall into the bestial grip of this barbarous form of deep and mystical occultism?

It appears that we are all under a spell. This enchantment is so deep and powerful that no-one even complains about what is nothing less than a brutal rape and sacriligeous assault on our collective pysche and national sensibilities?

May God forgive us for whatever it is we have done as a nation and as a people to deserve these insults and this shame and ridicule.

May that strange voice from the grave be forever silent and may our nation be ruled by the living and not the dead.

***Femi Fani- Kayode, former Minister of Aviation and former Minister of Information and Culture, sent this piece from United Kingdom…

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