The World’s Worst Jobs And Salaries


We know that sometimes work life can be a drag. We can’t always love our jobs. We thought it would be interesting to compile a list of the world’s worst jobs and their salaries. These jobs either have low projected growth, high stress, but they all have one thing in common- very low pay. Let’s stay informed as a boss girl and stay away from these career choices.
Newspaper reporter

Median Salary: $36,390

The newspaper industry is slowly becoming obsolete, and these jobs are expected to diminish in the coming years. The high stress and taxing hours it takes to become a successful newspaper reporter doesn’t help the competitive nature of the field.
Disc Jockey

Median Salary: $29,376

With digital media on the rise, the outdated broadcasting stations has less of a demand for disc jockeys to run their radio stations. Streaming services and podcasts have made access to digital media so much easier for entertainment on the road.
Pest Control Worker

Median Salary: $31,245

If traveling to people’s homes that are infested with rodents, insects, termites, and all those other creepy crawlers, doesn’t already shout worst job ever. I don’t know what will. For the amount of cringe-worthy work they do, pest control workers do not nearly get the pay they deserve.
Retail Sales Person

Median Salary: $22,206

With the decline of retail sales positions, and the stress of working with customers on a one-to-one level, this career choice might have more cons that pros. Retail positions do not have a lot of room for salary growth, and being on your feet all day can just be so tiring!
Taxi Driver

Median Salary: $23,218

It might seem like an ideal job to just cruise around all day, but the taxi drivers out there have to deal with customers all day long, and ride-share apps like Uber and Lyft have made it difficult for them to make the same salary they used to make before these apps.


Median Salary: $46,368

This one might come as the biggest surprise! A firefighter? One of the most talked about, prestigious, and revered jobs. But when we really boil this down, the firefighters out there make very low pay for the kind of high-stress and even life-threatening work they do. So their job might be idealized, but the daily stress and low pay might outweigh the benefits.

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