Some Yoruba Leaders Took Bribe To Conceal Abiola’s Killers, Says Al-Mustapha


Major Al-Mustapha (rtd.)

The mystery surrounding the demise of late Chief MKO Abiola, the presumed winner of the annulled June 12, 1993 election was concealed by some Yoruba leaders, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) to late dictator, Gen. Sank Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha (rtd.), has said.

He said the Yoruba leaders led by a certain elder, knew who killed the acclaimed winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential elections but chose to keep quite after receiving bribe from the killers.

Al-Mustapha who made the statement while fielding questions from newsmen in Kaduna on Tuesday, said he had a video recording of what transpired in the villa during the meeting with the Yoruba chiefs.

He said that a day after Abiola died, the Yoruba leader visited the villa alongside his friends. “He came with anger into the villa. At that material time, they came to fight the government, considering their tone. They went into the meeting, they came out laughing, yelling and jeering as if nothing happened in the country,” he said.

He added that in the video in question, “Money exchanged hands and they traded with Abiola.”

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