Dammy Krane To Remain In Jail After Court Hearing, Faces 9-Count Fraud Charges


Damy Krane

For it matters, Nigerian singer, Dammy Krane may on a long road to facing final judgment as he more federal charges levelled against him by the United States.
The singer appeared in court on June 5, 2017, for his bail hearing in the nine-count fraud charges levelled against him in the U.S. The ‘My dear’ singer was in court with Chukwuebuka, his accomplice.

Meanwhile, Chukwuebuka, who is claiming to be Dammy Krane’s show promoter, filed paperwork saying that he is indigent.
The court looked at his papers and found out he has no money or property in any bank. Dammy Krane will be in jail until June 22, 2017.
Dammy Krane, on the other hand, pleaded not guilty and paperwork was provided to his defence attorney, showing what police found on his phone.
None of his family members or record label representative was present in court for his hearing.
Also, the court wants proof that the money to be paid for his bail, is from an honest source.
The two suspects now have a new defence attorney, a free one from the government, by the name Fan Li.
Both accused are back in jail till their next hearing.

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