I Used My Civil Engineering Certificate From KNUST To Buy V8 – Dumelo Author: Richard


John Dumelo

John Dumelo is surely having a terrible 2017 from his woes with his political stint to his recent “gaffe” on social media.

The Ghanaian heartthrob has been under fire from some section of the public after he made comments deemed too hypercritical of a bread seller.

The actor had earlier made a post on social media about a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology who was selling bread in traffic. John Dumelo has been at the center of several criticism in the past weeks In the backlash that followed his post, Ghanaian blogger, Chris Vincent Agyapong and others accused John Dumelo of not having completed his own tertiary education at KNUST. They asked Dumelo to provide his certificate of completion to prove he indeed successfully graduated from the school. The actor, has finally, responded to the comments.

A user on social media, one @prince_akowuah asked the actor “where is your KNUST certificate. Soon after, the awarding winning actor coyly replied, “I used it to buy a V8”. The joke was not lost on social media users as the actor was earlier embroiled in a political issues of having received a state car from the previous John Mahama-led government as part of his campaign activities.

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